The Zero waste award

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A zero waste brand is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of our natural home through the design and delivery of environmentally progressive products, services or education. Our Zero Waste Award recognises the entire business lifecycle and operational processes; ensuring they directly benefit the environment via a circular resource management system. We work with our brands to help them achieve maximal environmental, social and economic benefits whilst enriching our planetary home throughout the entire life cycle of their products, including the final disposal.


Environmental benefit

We require that the company is created to directly serve the environment and that benefitting our planet and respecting her resources is the lens through which all business decisions are made.



We require that all materials used in the production and packaging is fully sustainable; can be replenished without damage or deprivation of the local and wider environment.


Vision and values

We look for ambitious vision. Where the focus and energy of the brand is directed towards reducing waste and bringing our environment back to equilibrium.


Supply Chain

We look for a supply chain that is fully transparent. That sustainability criteria (social and environmental) is implemented and reviewed regularly to ensure standards are upheld.


Green operations

We look that company live their values by implementing and improving internal business operations to ensure they are as close to zero waste as possible.



We require a continued commitment to keep the planet at the heart of the business’ strategic decision-making and to prioritise ‘7th-generation thinking’. The planet is on the leadership board.


Product Design

We ask that products are designed with the end in mind and are created to serve a genuine planetary need. The product should have a clear and measurable impact on our world.


Transportation and Shipping

We ensure that all businesses take steps to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and work to make shipping more efficient. Shipping via air is not permitted and local suppliers prioritised.


Ethics & Culture

We look for brands that develop and take care of their people, work with disadvantaged or minority groups and apply fair trade principles in all their transactions.


Our Promise to you: You will only find certified brands at our markets or online.

Our promise to our brands: once certified you will be welcomed to the community, supported in your improvement on the metrics above and will be invited to attend our Founders Club; designed to help you scale sustainably. Plus, you’ll get first-refusal of spaces at our markets!


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