When is your next market?

The next market will be running in East or Central London over the summer. The exact date is to be determined so be sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know!

Can I volunteer to support your next Market?

Yes! We’re always looking for engaged volunteers to help us run the markets. From supporting on the day with entries, welcoming attendees, setting up, to decorating and, of course, tidying up afterwards! In return for a half-day volunteering (5 hours), you’ll get free entry and be able to spend the rest of your time enjoying yourself.

Can I bring this to my city?

Yes! We are looking for smart, passionate and well-connected individuals to help us launch our Christmas Markets in our target cities: Brighton, Bristol and Birmingham. We are also working with Ambassadors who want to launch in other cities across the UK, whether Christmas or otherwise. We support our City Launchers or Ambassadors by giving access to our brand and communities, plus help you with marketing, sales, budgeting and PR.

Get in touch hello@zerowastegoods.com and we will send you an application form.

How do you run a zero waste market?

A zero waste market is not just about all the brands being zero waste, but the event itself. We work hard to ensure that the correct waste streams are identified and ample facilities are on-hand for recycling and compost. We rely on glass, reusables, bamboo and biodegradable materials when providing food or drink. We have zero animal products (unless cruelty-free, clearly signposted and sustainably sourced) and zero single-use plastic. We encourage car-pooling, using electric vehicles and offset carbon via certified international projects.


What is the ‘zero waste standard’?

Zero waste is a term that is often used and not clearly defined. We wanted to be sure that all of our brands featured at our markets or online are not only producing zero waste products, or products designed to reduce waste, but that their supply chain, transportation, packaging and even business operations are all of a high environmental standard. So, we created the Zero Waste Award, which is given to businesses that meet our minimum standard and are striving to reach a circular and sustainable business model. You can learn more about it here.

How can I join the Founders Group

Our Founders must first qualify as a zero waste business by meeting the minimum Zero Waste Standard. Just get in touch with us hello@zerowastegood.com for the form. Then your products and business stage will be reviewed and we will seek to understand where you are in your business’ lifecycle. Once this has all taken place, within 5 working days, you’ll join our community online and be invited to the next Meet-Up.

Previous topics have included ‘Growth 101 with Jake Higgins’ and ‘Scale through Social with Cat Burchmore’.

When are you opening your Online shop?

As soon as possible! Tell us what you’d like to see in it by messaging us: hello@zerowastegoods.com