16 Green Mothers Day Gift Ideas


Mothers Day is just around the corner, but there is still time to find something both environmentally friendly and Mum-approved.

Avoid the usual plastic-wrapped tat in the high street and opt for one of these alternatives instead…

1. Freddie’s Flowers

Fresh flowers on subscription, £24 for a bunch, delivered straight to your door. Buy a bouquet on the day and promise your love forevermore. 

Is it eco? They source locally or in the EU, ship by boat, only cut what you order so reduce waste and don’t purchase things out of season. Plus bigger boxes mean you can have your peonies without worrying about them getting crushed.

2. Box of Twelve

A beautiful, recycled box with 12-months of surprises inside. Write a romantic experience you’ll do together, you get to decide!

Is it eco? Hell yes. Recycled and recyclable packaging, beautifully presented and takes the onus off buying ‘stuff’ to making memories. Recreate your first date, go for a walk on the beach, take a romantic trip, see a show, cook a meal, gift a massage — your choices are endless.

3. Chocolate! 

Smooth, dark and delicious, what’s not to love? With (nearly!) plastic-free truffles, go beyond and above.  

If you’re going to choose chocolate you have three options: Booja Booja, Divine and Food With Heart. Booja Booja is dairy-free, vegan and comes from suppliers who are certified Bcorps. Divine is an organic, vegan, fair trade chocolate company, also a Bcorp, who is co-owned by cocoa farmers in Ghana. They have just released an organic, vegan range which is plastic-free & the chocolate is wrapped in biodegradable film. Food At Heart slow chocolate tasting kit comes nicely presented with biodegradable film and paper. Delicious, vegan, single source and ready for sharing. 

4. DIY Gift Box

Yes, I know Zero Waste Boxes might have had their Insta-day. But DIY never gets old. With a homemade zero waste box, you’ll take control of your impact and get to gift something personal and meaningful. 

Fill your box with lovely things like a homemade body whip or moisturiser, some crochet face wipes, a reusable water bottle, a small jar of treats…etc etc. Pick up a used wine crate from a wine bar to pack it in, for extra eco-points.

5. Recipe jars

Make hot chocolate, or cookies or lentil soup with fresh spices. Surprise your Mum with these jars and make it a memory at the same time.

Get a Kilner jar and go to your local zero waste store and make up a recipe. Hot chocolate is an easy win, or fill up on flours, sugars, nuts and chocolate pieces for an easy cookie recipe. For sixteen recipe jar ideas head over here

6. Commission some woodwork

You might think wood is for men, but think again. Repurposing wood that was meant for the tip and working with an artisan to create a bespoke, gorgeous home design is a sure winner. Avocado bowls, coasters, bread boards etc…

Get in touch with Notty Reclaimed who rescue wood from landfill and turn it into beautiful handmade items. From coasters and gin boards, to tables and lamps, you’ll not be short of ideas after browsing their Instagram!

7. Sustainable Dinner Date

If your Mum’s not really into flowers and chocolate, there’s nothing better than treating her to a home cooked meal. Invite her over and wow her with organic sustainable wine and some simple, homemade food. Check out Lowly Food for low carbon, seasonal and simple recipes.

Or, if you’re in London, head to Mercato Metropolitano and pick some sustainably-sourced wine from their epic selection of Italian wines. Then, treat yourself to a chilled out dinner from their fantastic vendors and a movie whilst you’re there. 

8. The Singing Leaf

Organic, Fairtrade, eco-friendly, made by hand, zero waste. All the hallmarks of an excellent product. The teas come freshly foraged and organic, blended for flavour as well as for their therapeutic purposes. It comes in a lovely gift box with reusable organic tea bags to boot. 

9. Elvis & Kresse

Sustainable and ethical luxury for sure. If you want to really wow the OH get them something with a bit of history and lots of miles. These stunning fire-hose and reclaimed leather items are proving that waste does indeed equal want. 

10. Go and sleep in a Scottish treehouse

Need I say more?

11. Pampering

Get some lovely apricot kernel oil from Acala, or a luxury gift box instead. Combine it with a deliciously scented, vegan and cruelty-free eco-candle from Vegan Bunny

12. Fatty’s Organic Gin

When candles aren’t enough to relax, your Mum will appreciate something a little stronger. Fatty’s Organic Gin is a young organic gin company taking the UK by storm. It tastes amazing in/with/on anything and they’ve taken great care to ensure all the materials they use are zero waste, including printing colour inside the glass itself to avoid any unnecessary labels.

13. Upcircle

We love Upcircle! Putting used coffee grounds on your face might not sound romantic, but when you feel (and see) the benefits you’ll be smitten. They rescue the used grounds from coffee shops in London (otherwise a waste or sometimes landfill material) and blend essential oils and other nourishing ingredients to make it ideal for most skin types. Plus, with gender-neutral smells and recyclable packaging, they’re a sure win. 

14. Secondhand books

There is something charming about finding a secondhand book store and picking out a pre-loved book. Or, give your Mum a book that has changed the way you view the world and write a little message for her inside.

15. Treat her at Cub

Cub is a sustainable, zero waste partnership with Mr Lyan and sustainable restauranteurs Doug McMaster and Dr Arielle Johnson. They have exquisite food which is all sustainably sourced, local & seasonal and Mr Lyan’s cocktails are some of the best in the world.

16. Spend time & be present.

There’s nothing quite like spoiling your Mum. But, more important than sending a box of chocolates, flowers or booking her in for a pedi, is simply spending time. Quality time.

Have a phone-free afternoon, where you spend time together doing whatever you decide to do and be distraction-free.

Giving your time and attention is the greatest gift of all.