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Gung-Ho is a young, vibrant British company run by designer Sophie Dunster. The gorgeous clothing is designed locally in the UK using sustainable fabrics but the pieces themselves are talking points on prevalent sustainability issues.

Bright colours, bold designs and flattering cuts, these pieces are unique in every way. Their recent campaign #foodmatters is focusing on bringing the issue of food waste into your wardrobe.

Fast Fashion is responsible for some serious crimes. The exploitation of overseas workers, 300,000 tonnes go to landfill each year in the UK with one in ten saying they’ll throw items out after a few uses. The environment suffers as raw materials are taken from the earth, grown using excessive water and irresponsible land management, not to mention synthetic dyes and fabrics that are often of low quality, making them difficult to repair or recycle end-of-use and you have to replace them more often.

We’ve had enough!

We love Gung-Ho because they:

  • Are a small, independent British company

  • Transparent in their supply chain

    • Fairwear Foundation supported factories = high wages & rights

  • Use sustainable materials

    • Prioritising low water usage & natural fibres with no synthetic chemicals

    • Tencel (sustainable wood cellulose) + silk, 100% GOTS cotton

    • Recycle polyester sometimes shows up too

  • Are small-batch = no fabric waste

  • Use embroidery & silk printing methods to increase durability & garment lifespan

  • Are nearly at 100% biodegradable & recycled packaging - they’re just using up some final stickers.

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The Zero Waste Award.

The Zero Waste Award.

Where can they improve?

Sophie Dunster grew up in a low carbon household, lives on a house boat and is careful to avoid meat and dairy in her own diet. She strives to make everything Gung-Ho does as eco as possible.

One of the suppliers of her sustainable fabric is based in China. And, this is something she is actively looking to change, as soon as a local and equally ethical manufacturer becomes available we know she’ll make the switch.

Founder interview

How long have you been running Gung-ho?

3 years from naming the business, just over a year and a half since our first proper collection 'Precious Insects' in September 2017. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Food. Also the excitement of making change and seeing a difference. I get to work with a lot of incredibly inspiring people doing cool projects in the cause we are promoting which is brilliant.

What is your advice to people who want to make a meaningful change and contribute positively to our environment

Take it at your own pace. Dipping your toe into changing to a more sustainable lifestyle can be very overwhelming - it snowballs so make sure you keep it all doable! Take others on this journey with you, it's exciting to share.

What does Gung-Ho do for the planet?

Gets people talking, highlights current issues, educates through design, provides sustainable fashion that doesn't look sustainable, made locally, ethically, supports small businesses, donates 10% of it's profits back to a charity that works with the issue you are wearing, hosts monthly London beach cleans, creates communities for like minded wonder peeps.

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