We're all scared.


It’s time to remove our collective societal head from deep in the sand where it is buried.

I asked you – How do you feel about climate change? The majority of you responded ‘scared’.

I’ll be honest, I am scared too. Which is why I decided to run this market, because when you feel strongly about something, you act. It takes courage to say how we’re really feeling and I want you to know you’re heard, you’re not alone and it’s okay to care.

The Eco-Curious

Eco-curious – a term we use to describe someone who is both environmentally agitated but also curious about their own capacity to change & contribute.

Anything is possible when there is too much to do and a tight deadline. We can change and innovate now, to reverse climate change. And imagine what will happen when 8 million people say yes?

Yes to..

🌱 taking public transport, cycling, walking or getting an electric car

🌱 flying less or not at all – technology’s incredible advance means business travel can be done as little as possible.

🌱 buying less meat and dairy

🌱 growing veg

🌱buying local and seasonal

🌱avoiding plastic and disposables (this just gets easier and easier, by the day)

🌱buying responsibly from carbon neutral companies (boycott the ones who are not!)

🌱 spending more time outside

🌱supporting environmental causes

🌱pressuring the government

Think Global. Act Local.

As @worthwhyle said in their post – it’s time to think globally and act locally. This is very true. Change must be supported top down yes, but it can also be instigated from the ground up. With our roots in the Earth we can rise, change and do better.

The hierarchy of needs vs the hierarchy of wants…animals, and the environment in general needs clean air, water, habitat, prey and equilibrium. Humans want the latest fashion, an updated phone and to travel through the sky (and wifi when they do).

Our wants are out of control. This is a result of the systemic ‘need’ to have growth, and increased profits, and increased sales, and increased spending. The whole idea of a thriving society is based on people wanting more than they need. This is artificial – the fact that you need to be pressured and pushed and guilt-tripped and coerced in to purchases (by advertising, marketing, social influence) is evidence of this.

Moving the conversation forward.

The term ‘sustainability’ is no longer fit for purpose. Why? We’re well past that being the answer to the problems we’ve brought on ourselves. It’s why people are scared when they think of climate change. The UN itself said we have two years to act, not decide on headline pleasing ‘targets’ and ‘goals, but to actually act.

We need to move the conversation forward. Our mission is to do just that.

We hope to achieve this by:

A) celebrating new circular goods and innovative brands who are committed to giving back and building the new

B) making it easy for everyone to vote with their 💴– to consume AND contribute

C) bringing buyers and creators together in fun new ways, to challenge the status quo and co-create new ways of caring for our home.

Convenience isn’t sustainable. Something cheap and quick for us in this moment, is often costly and depleting elsewhere. We’re not at a place where all materials are ecologically progressive, or where specialist equipment is designed to endlessly be repaired, or for systems to support 100% global recycling. That’s okay for now – all great things take time.

A choice to do good. To feel good.

But, what we can do is make choices ourselves on a daily basis to support the planet we’re working towards. 🍂💪🏼 what are you refusing or reusing today? 🧡🍂👌🏼

Zero Waste isn’t just about doing less. It is about doing more. We can have it all – environmental abundance included.

What do you do to feel good? Whether it’s going for a run or cozying up with a book, we feel good about the world when we care about ourselves. Equally, we treat others 🌍 badly when we feel bad.

Your choices, decisions and actions DO count. Every time you do or buy something you’re voting for the world we have now or the world you want to live in. Part of self care is getting outside in nature and taking a personal interest in doing what is right for your heath and happiness (and the planet’s) not necessarily what is easy.

Do something that makes you feel great, then spread that around and do something good for others. If you want to learn how, join the 500 other people already attending the Zero Waste Christmas market. We have eco-coaches to answer your questions and evening sessions for free panel discussions on big topics.

I hope you’ll leave inspired, excited and with the agency to create change – because together we can. 🎄💚💪🏼

Mel Fisher