What is Zero Waste?


To some it’s a scary term. A distant ideal they’ll never be able to reach. But it really isn’t.

I also asked ‘How do you feel about Zero Waste?’ And the majority of you said hopeful. 💚 🙏

Hope is the most enchanting emotion because it is filled with possibility and grit. Even in the darkest of nights there is always a glimmer of hope. We need to give this hope to those who have none. To those who see changes to their way of life and run in the other direction. To those who see the headlines of man-made disasters, of environmental catastrophes, of how the whole world is on the brink and think “but what can I do? I am but one person.”

Our hope is that you bring someone to the market who doesn’t recycle, who thinks they can’t afford it, who doesn’t believe they need to care. Because, by inviting these people to sit with us at the table, showing them the glimmer of hope, showing them the ease of the changes necessary – that gives us hope systemic change is not far behind.

A daunting term.

What do we mean by Zero Waste?

We mean nothing is wasted, nothing gets thrown ‘away’ and the processes through which something is made are also taken into account. It’s considering the full lifecycle of the product, as individuals, not just the bit we interact with it. Many consider the point from which they purchase to when they throw it away, some don’t even consider that much. 

Nature is a perfect example; sometimes she produces a glut of fruit in summer, or an explosion of algae or swarms of flies, but even then this excess is all part of a circular system. When they are eaten, fall dead or rot, they’re put back into the chain to be reused. Nothing is wasted.

Humans have a hard time copying this (because we create non-organic materials), but it can be done. This is the shift we must work towards, to reduce, reuse, recycle, up-cycle and rot what we already have. But ultimately our task is to design a new regenerative system of eco-abundance for all. 🌟💚

Our first and easiest job though, is to refuse.

Little changes. Easy changes. Mindset changes.

If you think Zero Waste = throwing away your phone, running into the woods and digging a toilet with a stick, then this is for you.

Zero Waste is about being on a curious journey. And every journey starts with the first step – that then becomes a habit. It’s why we love brands such as @greenerhabitsco who are all about making that first step simple. Gifts, stocking fillers or a personal treat they’ve got a fab selection of goodies and reusables to help you on your way. 💚

Sometimes being more conscious of your impact, and trying to avoid it can seem difficult. Especially if you’re working full time, or are not naturally creative – it can feel hard to come up with good solutions or handmade things. But it’s all about the little step. And even thinking differently is a good start. Sometimes the hardest thing to change is your mind.

Less is more (really).

Adopting a sustainable, zero waste and low impact life doesn’t mean going without. Many think that less is less, when really, it’s more. When was the last time you bought something that you really needed, or that truly made you happy? If you narrowed your purchases to these alone, you’d still feel like you had enough and you’d be happier (likely wealthier too).

No, it doesn’t mean less.

It means using our power as consumers and voting with our money. 💵 It means connecting with brands that care about solving a genuine problem and who make the world a better place by doing so. It means discovering exciting alternatives to the plastic plague and ushering in a new age of consumer consciousness.

When you buy zero waste, you’re helping create a new economy. One that values materials, that appreciates quality over quantity and is prepared to look after their purchases long term!

Take pride in what you buy.

One change times a million is a lot of change.

Brands are waking up to the value of slow goods, consumer voices are being heard. Sometimes we feel so close but so far.The plastic wrappers on goods sold by the biggest producers are the hardest to avoid. But there are loads of fun and impactful swaps to be made.

For cards, source recycled/recyclable paper and practice your handwriting. Or support a local artist using sustainable materials. Or – take the plastic off and leave it at the checkout 😱🤭

How our waste is dealt with is closely linked to climate change. Prevention and reuse are the guiding stars on our road to waste reduction. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. If you need it, buy sustainable, reuse it & recycle or compost when done. 💪🏼

Disposal should be our last resort.

If you struggle with where to start on producing less waste at Christmas, our Zero Waste Christmas Market has talks and workshops designed to help you have a low impact festive season. 🎄🎄

Let’s make Christmas about quality, not quantity. 🎂 we can have our cake but let’s make sure we eat it.

If you want to dip your toe in or would love to open something on xmas day, you can! Buy ethical, sustainable gifts from brands that really care about people and the planet. There are plenty out there. From upcycled crafts kits, to gorgeous fashion, jewellery, alcohol, food and drink, homeware, skincare and all rescued, sustainable, ethical and zero waste. 🎄🎄 giving just got easy!

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